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Colonnade: A support used for roofs. Evenly spaced columns, composed of a series of arches "curved shape" supported by columns.
Color scheme
Color scheme: Combination of colors used in decorating the interior of a house or building
Come down to
Come down to: Represent something in a fundamental manner basically amount to deal with or confront straight to the point visit (e.g.: "why dont you come down to my hous
Commodious: Adapted to its use or purpose, or to wants and necessities serviceable spacious and convenient roomy and comfortable as, a commodious house. "A commodious dra
Compartment: One of the parts into which an inclosed portion of space is divided, as by partitions, or lines as, the compartments of a cabinet, a house, or a garden. In t
Completely furnished
Completely furnished: Equipped with all the necessary appliances and furniture (apartment, house, etc.)
Compounder: One who, or that which, compounds or mixes as, a compounder of medicines. One who attempts to bring persons or parties to terms of agreement, or to accomplish
Conchometer: An instrument for measuring shells, or the angle of their spire.
Conchometry: The art of measuring shells or their curves conchyliometry.
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