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Approbate: To express approbation of to approve to sanction officially.I approbate the one, I reprobate the other. Sir W. Hamilton.Note: This word is obsolete in England,
Appurtenance: That which belongs to something else an adjunct an appendage An accessory something annexed to another thing more worthy 6. incommon parlance and legal acc
Archetype: The original pattern or model of a work or the model from which athing is made or formed.The House of Commons, the archetype of all the representativeassemblie
Arrival: The act of arriving, or coming the act of reaching a place from adistance, whether by water (as in its original sense) or by land.Our watchmen from the towers, w
Arson: The malicious burning of a dwelling house or outhouse ofanother man, which by the common law is felony the malicious andvoluntary firing of a building or ship. Wha
At ones door
At ones door: At the entrance of a house accusation, charge
Athletes Foot
Athletes foot is a condition that causes scaling, flaking, and itching of the affected part of the skin. Other symptoms include blisters, cracked skin that leads to pain,
Avenue: A way or opening for entrance into a place a passage by which aplace may by reached a way of approach or of exit. "The avenuesleading to the city by land." Macaul
Avercorn: A reserved rent in corn, formerly paid to religious houses bytheir tenants or farmers. Kennet.
Aviary: A house, inclosure, large cage, or other place, for keepingbirds confined a bird house.Lincolnshire may be termed the aviary of England. Fuller.
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