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Curing: p. a. & vb. n. of Cure. Curing house, a building in which anything is cured especially, in the West Indies, a building in which sugar is drained and dried.
Curtilage: A yard, courtyard, or piece of ground, included within the fence surrounding a dwelling house. Burrill.
Custom-house: Building located at a seaport where incoming ships pay customs tax on imported goods
Customs house
Customs house: Building located at a seaport where incoming ships pay customs tax on imported goods
Customshouse: Government office where customs and duties are paid and vessels are cleared
Dagoba: The national god of the Philistines, represented with the face and hands and upper part of a man, and the tail of a fish. W. Smith. This day a solemn feast the pe
Dail eirrean
Dail eirrean: Dail Eireann, lower house of the Irish parliament
Dandie Dinmont
What does Dandie Dinmont mean: terrier of a breed from the Scottish Borders. Add a definition of Dandie Dinmont to dictionary uk.
Dapifer: One who brings meat to the table hence, in some countries, the official title of the grand master or steward of the kings or a noblemans household.
Days fatal to Kings
Certain days were dangerous to be a king. Sunday has been the most deadly day, since seven of them have died on a Sunday including Henry I, Edward III, James I, William I
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