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Deadhouse: A morgue a place for the temporary reception and exposure of dead bodies.
Deck house
Deck house: Short structure resembling a house built on the upper deck of a ship
Decorative plants
Decorative plants: Ornamental plants, potted plants in a house or planted in a garden for decorative purposes
Decore: To decorate to beautify. [Obs.] To decore and beautify the house of God. E. Hall.
Defer: To yield deference to the wishes of another to submit to the opinion of another, or to authority with to. The house, deferring to legal right, acquiesced. Bancroft
Degarnish: To strip or deprive of entirely, as of furniture, ornaments, etc. to disgarnish as, to degarnish a house, etc. [R.] To deprive of a garrison, or of troops nece
Demesne: A lords chief manor place, with that part of the lands belonging thereto which has not been granted out in tenancy a house, and the land adjoining, kept for the
Demolition: The act of overthrowing, pulling down, or destroying a pile or structure destruction by violence utter overthrow opposed to construction as, the demolition of
Depositary: One with whom anything is lodged in the trust one who receives a deposit the correlative of depositor. I . . . made you my guardians, my depositaries. Shak. T
Depository: A place where anything is deposited for sale or keeping as, warehouse is a depository for goods a clerks office is a depository for records. One with whom som
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