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Draughthouse: A house for the reception of waste matter a privy. [Obs.] 2 Kings x. 2
Drawlatch: A housebreaker or thief. [Obs.] Old Play (1631).
Dressing gown
Dressing gown: Robe de chambre, loose robe worn before dressing or when lounging around the house (especially British)
Drink on the house
Drink on the house: Drink at the expense of the establishment drink for free
Drive a nail home
Drive a nail home: Certify, confirm serve as evidence, serve as proof
Drive a point home
Drive a point home: Convince thoroughly, persuade, make a point
Drop in for coffee
Drop in for coffee: Visit me and have coffee, come to my house to drink coffee
Dugout: A canoe or boat dug out from a large log. [U.S.] A man stepped from his slender dugout. G. W. Cable. A place dug out. A house made partly in a hillside or slighte
Dumb-waiter: A framework on which dishes, food, etc., are passed from one room or story of a house to another a lift for dishes, etc. also, a piece of furniture with mova
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