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Away from home
Away from home: Not at home, far from home, in a place that is far from ones house
Back home
Back home: In the direction of home, returning home, returning to the homeland, return to the place which gives a homey feeling
Back lane
Back lane: (British) back alley, small path or street behind a row of houses
Back stairs
Back stairs: Stairs in the back part of a house, as distinguished from thefront stairs hence, a private or indirect way.
Backbench: Any of the seats on which the backbenchers sit in the House of Commons (Great Britain)
Backhouse: A building behind the main building. Specifically: A privy anecessary.
Backlist: Publishers list of all in-house books that have been kept in print for a relatively long period of time
Backroom: Room situated in the rear section of a building or house
Bag net
Bag net: A brothel a stew a house of prostitution.
Baghouse: Device in which particulates are removed from a stream of exhaust gases while the stream passes through a large cloth bag bag used to filter the gas stream
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