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Boardinghouse: House where one can rent a room and receive meals
Boathouse: A house for sheltering boats.Half the latticed boathouse hides. Wordsworth.
Bonded: Placed under, or covered by, a bond, as for the payment ofduties, or for conformity to coertain regulations. Bonded goods,goods placed in a bonded warehouse goods
Bonded goods
Bonded goods: B/G, goods placed in a bonded warehouse, goods that are held until customs duties are paid
Bonded warehouse
Bonded warehouse: Warehouse in which goods are held until customs duties are paid
Booth: A house or shed built of boards, boughs, or other slightmaterials, for temporary occupation. Camden. A covered stall or temporary structure in a fair or market, or
Bordel bordello
Bordel bordello: A brothel a bawdyhouse a house devoted to prostitution.[Obs.] B. Jonson.
Bordlode: The service formerly required of a tenant, to carry timber fromthe woods to the lords house. Bailey. Mozley & W.
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