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Bourbonism: The principles of those adhering to the house of Bourbon Obstinate conservatism.
Bourbonist: One who adheres to the house of Bourbon a legitimist.
Bow window
Bow window: Window that curves outward in an arc on the outside wall of a house
Bower bird
Bower bird: An Australian bird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus or holosericeus),allied to the starling, which constructs singular bowers orplayhouses of twigs and decorates th
Branch pilot
Branch pilot: A pilot who has a branch or commission, as from Trinity House,England, for special navigation.
Brass plate
Brass plate: Metal signboard placed on the door or near the entrance of a house or other building
Break in
Break in: Enter forcibly enter a building or room or a persons house by means of force (with the intention to steal or commit a violent act) interrupt a person while he
Break-in: Forced entry, entry to the property or house of a person by means of force (for the purposes of theft or commiting a violent act) initial period of employment
Bren brenne
Bren brenne: To burn. [Obs.] Chaucer.Consuming fire brent his shearing house or stall. W. Browne.
Brewery: A brewhouse the building and apparatus where brewing iscarried on.
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