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Gadwall: A large duck (Anas strepera), valued as a game bird, found in the northern parts of Europe and America called also gray duck. [Written also gaddwell.]
Game fowl
Game fowl: A handsome breed of the common fowl, remarkable for the great courage and pugnacity of the males.
Game laws
Game laws: Hunting regulations, restrictions on hunting enacted for the preservation of certain animals
Game of cards
Game of cards: Game played with a deck of cards (i.e. poker, gin, etc.)
Game of tennis
Game of tennis: Game in which players in a marked area hit a ball back and forth with rackets over a net
Game of the week
Game of the week: Highlight game shown each week, special game that is broadcast each week
Game season
Game season: Time of year in which certain ball games are played
Gamecock: The male game fowl.
Gameful: Full of game or games.
Gamy: (Cookery) Having the flavor of game, esp. of game kept uncooked till near the condition of tainting high-flavored. (Sporting) Showing an unyielding spirit to the la
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