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Question master
Question master: Quizmaster, quizzer, one who presents questions, (British) game show host
Quinze: A game at cards in which the object is to make fifteen points.
Quizmaster: Host of a television or radio game show, one who asks questions in a quiz show
Rabbit: Soft-furred animal with long ears and long hind legs, any of several small species from the family Leporidae fur of a rabbit meat of any of the different rabbits
Racketball: Game played between 2 players where each player uses a racket and a ball in a four-walled court ball used in playing the game of racketball
Racquetball: Game similar to handball but played with a small racquet rather than the bare hands
Radius game
Radius game: Ball game that is played in a field which is not the home-field of the host team
Radius penalty
Radius penalty: Penalty imposed upon a ball team which requires that they host the next home game away from their home field
Rake: To walk about to gad or ramble idly. [Prov. Eng.] Etym: [See Rake a debauchee.] To act the rake to lead a dissolute, debauched life. Shenstone. To rake out (Falconr
Red card
Red card: Elimination of a soccer player from a game after a blatant violation of game rules
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