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Beckoning cat
Beckoning cat: Maneki Neko, Japanese good luck charm in the form of a cat with either the right or left paw raised
Becuna: A fish of the Mediterranean (Sphyr?na spet). See Barracuda.
Bellows fish
Bellows fish: A European fish (Centriscus scolopax), distinguished by a longtubular snout, like the pipe of a bellows called also trumpetfish, and snipe fish.
Beluga: A cetacean allied to the dolphins.Note: The northern beluga (Delphinapterus catodon) is the white whaleand white fish of the whalers. It grows to be from twelve t
Bering: Family name Vitus Bering (1681-1741), Danish-born explorer and navigator who enlisted in the Russian navy and explored the north Pacific Ocean for the Russians a
Bering Sea
Bering Sea: Far northern section of the Pacific Ocean (between Alaska and Siberia)
Bermuda: Group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the Carolina coast
Bermuda islands
Bermuda islands: Group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the Carolina coast
Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle: Triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and Florida and Puerto Rico in which many ships and planes have disappeared with no remains
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