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Commonable: Held in common. "Forests . . . and other commonable places." Bacon. Allowed to pasture on public commons. Commonable beasts are either beasts of the plow, or
Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Commonwealth of The Bahamas: The Bahamas, Bahamas, group of islands in the Atlantic ocean southeast of North America
Conner: A marine European fish (Crenilabrus melops) also, the related American cunner. See Cunner.
Contention: A violent effort or struggle to obtain, or to resist, something contest strife. I would my arcontenion. Shak. Strife in words controversy 6. altercation quarr
Cook Islands
Cook Islands: Group of islands that are located in the south Pacific Ocean and are ruled autonomously under a loose association with New Zealand
Copal: A resinous substance flowing spontaneously from trees of Zanzibar, Madagascar, and South America (Trachylobium Hornemannianum, T. verrocosum, and Hymen?a Courbaril
Coral Sea
Coral Sea: Area of the Pacific Ocean between Australia New Guinea and the Solomon Islands scene of the Battle of the Coral Sea, WW II battle in 1942 fought between the U
Cormorant: (Zo?l.) Any species of Phalacrocorax, a genus of sea birds having a sac under the beak the shag. Cormorants devour fish voraciously, and have become the emblem
Corn dog
Corn dog: Hot dog coated in cornmeal batter and fried in deep oil (often served on a stick)
Corndog: Hot dog coated in cornmeal batter and fried in deep oil (often served on a stick)
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