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Bahamas: Commonwealth of The Bahamas, group of islands in the Atlantic ocean southeast of North America
Baker Island
Baker Island: Deserted atoll located north of the equator in central Pacific Ocean (about 1,600 miles {2,600 km} southwest of Honolulu and half way between Hawaii and Au
Balistoid: Like a fish of the genus Balistes of the family Balistid?. SeeFilefish.
Balloon fish
Balloon fish: A fish of the genus Diodon or the genus Tetraodon, having thepower of distending its body by taking air or water into itsdilatable esophagus. See Globefish,
Band fish
Band fish: A small red fish of the genus Cepola the ribbon fish.
Banner: A kind of flag attached to a spear or pike by a crosspiece, andused by a chief as his standard in battle.Hang out our banners on the outward walls. Shak. A large
Banxring: An East Indian insectivorous mammal of the genus Tupaia.
Barbecue: To dry or cure by exposure on a frame or gridiron.They use little or no salt, but barbecue their game and fish in thesmoke. Stedman. To roast or broil whole, as
Barbel: (Zo?l.) A slender tactile organ on the lips of certain fished. (Zo?l.) A large fresh-water fish ( Barbus vulgaris) found in manyEuropean rivers. Its upper jaw is
Barracouta: Large long Pacific marine fish used as food type of predatory fish not related to the barracuda long loaf of bread (Slang in New Zealand)
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