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Chicken feed
Chicken feed: Food for chickens insignificant amount of money small enterprise
Chicken soup
Chicken soup: Soup made with poultry, warm liquid food made from boiling chicken meat in water
Chickweed: The name of several caryophyllaseous weeds, especially Stellaria media, the seeds and flower buds of which are a favorite food of small birds.
Chicory mean : Plant used for its leaves and as a substitute for coffee. It has edible leaves that could be used in salads.
Chilli con carne
Chilli con carne mean : Dish containing chilli peppers or chilli powder. Contains meat and beans and onions.
Chinaberry tree
Chinaberry tree: Tree native to north India and China that has purple blossoms and small inedible yellow fruit
Chinkapin: Shrubby chestnut of the beech family with elongated leaves and tiny edible nuts evergreen tree of the Pacific coast (of the beech family) which has deeply gro
Chlorophyll: Literally, leaf green a green granular matter formed in the cells of the leaves (and other parts exposed to light) of plants, to which they owe their green c
Chocolate: Sweet food made from cocoa and sugar brown color
Chocolate filling
Chocolate filling: Smooth chocolate food used to fill baked foods
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