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Convenient: Fit or adapted suitable proper becoming appropriate. [Archaic] Feed me with food convenient for me. Prov. xxx. Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor je
Cony: (Zo?l.) (a) A rabbit, esp., the European rabbit (Lepus cuniculus). (b) The chief hare. Note: The cony of Scripture is thought to be Hyrax Syriacus, called also dama
Cooked food
Cooked food: Food prepared by boiling or baking or frying etc...
Cooker: Stove, oven (for cooking or baking) device in which food is cooked (pot, pressure cooker, etc.)
Cookery: The art or process of preparing food for the table, by dressing, compounding, and the application of heat. A delicacy a dainty. [Obs.] R. North.
The art of cooking is something we all wish we could attain. Some people have a natural gift to be able to cook almost anything and make flavours come from food that make
Corban: (Jewish Antiq.) An offering of any kind, devoted to God and therefore not be appropriated to any other use esp., an offering in fulfillment of a vow. Note: In the
Corn chips
Corn chips: Snack food made of thinly pressed cornmeal that has been fried until it is crisp
Corncutter: A machine for cutting up stalks of corn for food of cattle. An implement consisting of a long blade, attached to a handle at nearly a right angle, used for cu
Cornel: (Bot.) The cornelian cherry (Cornus Mas), a European shrub with clusters of small, greenish flowers, followed by very acid but edible drupes resembling cherries.
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