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Damson: Dark purple plum of the damson tree. Small purple-black plum like fruit. Damson Cheese: a solid preserve of damsons and sugar.
Dangleberry: A dark blue, edible berry with a white bloom, and its shrub (Gaylussacia frondosa) closely allied to the common huckleberry. The bush is also called blue tan
Dasheen: A tropical aroid (of the genus Caladium, syn. Colocasia) having an edible farinaceous root. It is related to the taro and to the tanier, but is much superior to
Dearth: Scarcity which renders dear want lack specifically, lack of food on account of failure of crops famine. 6. There came a dearth over all the land of Egypt. Acts v
Death march
Death march: Forced march of prisoners for extended periods of time during which many prisoners die due to a lack of food or water or other proper supplies
Decaf: This is the informal word for" ">decaffeinated coffee. Decaffeinate: to remove most or all of the caffeine from coffee or tea.
Deep freeze
Deep freeze: Storage unit in which the temperature is kept at a point below freezing freeze food quickly for long-term storage at low temperatures, refrigerate in a deep
Deep freezing
Deep freezing: Quick freezing of food for long-term storage at low temperatures, refrigerating of food in a deep freeze
Deepfreeze: Refrigerator in which food is frozen and kept at very low temperature
Dehydrator: Someone or something that dehydrates device which removes water or moisture from food (for preservation)
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