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Gastric: Of, pertaining to, or situated near, the stomach as, the gastric artery. Gastric digestion (Physiol.), the conversion of the albuminous portion of food in the st
Gaultheria: A genus of ericaceous shrubs with evergreen foliage, and, often, edible berries. It includes the American winter-green (Gaultheria procumbens), and the larger
General provisions
General provisions: Basic supply of food and drink basic instructions
Genipap: The edible fruit of a West Indian tree (Genipa Americana) of the order Rubiace?. It is oval in shape, as a large as a small orange, of a pale greenish color, and
German: Of or pertaining to Germany. German Baptists. See Dunker. German bit, a wood-boring tool, having a long elliptical pod and a scew point. German carp (Zo?l.), th
Giant: Like a giant extraordinary in size, strength, or power as, giant brothers a giant son. Giant cell. (Anat.) See Myeloplax. Giant clam (Zo?l.), a bivalve shell of t
Gibberellic acid
Gibberellic acid: (Botany) any of several crystalline acids that are naturally found in plants and serve as growth factors (also used in the food industry)
Giblets: The inmeats, or edible viscera (heart, gizzard, liver, etc.), of poultry.
Gilthead: A marine fish. The name is applied to two species: (a) The Pagrus, or Chrysophrys, auratus, a valuable food fish common in the Mediterranean (so named from its
Girdler: One who girdles. A maker of girdles. (Zo?l.) An American longicorn beetle (Oncideres cingulatus) which lays its eggs in the twigs of the hickory, and then girdle
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