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Burn the tongue
Burn the tongue: Be burnt by hot or spicy food on ones tongue lie or speak outrageously
Butternut: (Bot.) An American tree (Juglans cinerea) of the Walnut family, andits edible fruit so called from the oil contained in the latter.Sometimes called oil nut and
Cabrerite: A name applied to various species of edible fishes of the genus Serranus, and related genera, inhabiting the Meditarranean, the coast of California, etc. In Ca
Cacajao: A small evergreen tree (Theobroma Cacao) of South America and the West Indies. Its fruit contains an edible pulp, inclosing seeds about the size of an almond, fr
Cafeteria: A restaurant or caf? at which the patrons serve themselves with food kept at a counter, taking the food to small tables to eat. [U.
Cagmag: A tough old goose hence, coarse, bad food of any kind. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.
Calorie count
Calorie count: Number of calories in a particular food or dish
Calorie low diet
Calorie low diet: Eating habits which do not include fattening foods or food high in energy
Campylobacter: Type of bacterium that causes food poisoning in humans and spontaneous abortion in farm animals
Canned food
Canned food: Preserved food, food which is preserved in glass jars or metal tins
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