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-hood: A termination denoting state, condition, quality, character, totality, as in manhood, childhood, knighthood, brotherhood. Sometimes it is written, chiefly in obsol
-less: A privative adjective suffix, denoting without, destitute of, not having as witless, childless, fatherless.
Affrightment: Affright the state of being frightened sudden fear or alarm.[Archaic]Passionate words or blows . . . fill the childs mind with terror andaffrightment. Locke
Agalactia agalaxy
Agalactia agalaxy: Failure of the due secretion of milk after childbirth.
Amah: Maid wet nurse, woman who suckles a child (title used in India and the Orient)
Anklebiter: (term used in Australia and New Zealand) toddler, infant, child
Anthropomorphize: To attribute a human form or personality to.You may see imaginative children every day anthropomorphizing.Lowell.
Aptness: Fitness suitableness appropriateness as, the aptness of thingsto their end.The aptness of his quotations. J. R. Green. Disposition of the mind 6. propensity 7. a
Arrowroot: (Bot.) A west Indian plant of the genus Maranta, esp. M. arundinacea,now cultivated in many hot countries. It said that the Indians usedthe roots to neutralize
Arum: A genus of plants found in central Europe and about theMediterranean, having flowers on a spadix inclosed in a spathe. Thecuckoopint of the English is an example.Ou
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