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Compellation: Style of address or salutation an appellation. "Metaphorical compellations." Milton. He useth this endearing compellation, "My little children." Bp. Beverid
Compurgation: (Law) The act or practice of justifying or confirming a mans veracity by the oath of others called also wager of law. See Purgation also Wager of law, under
Concubine: A woman who cohabits with a man without being his wife a paramour. Note: Concubine has been sometimes, but rarely, used of a male paramour as well as of a fema
Confinement: Restraint within limits imprisonment any restraint of liberty seclusion. The mind hates restraint, and is apt to fancy itself under confinement when the sigh
Conker: Fruit of a chestnut (British) string game played with chestnuts, type of game in which a child swings a conker with a string through it trying to break another c
Consent: Agreement in opinion or sentiment the being of one mind accord. All with one consent began to make exuse. Luke xiv. 1 They feil together all, as by consent. Shak
Copenhagen: A sweetened hot drink of spirit and beaten eggs. A childrens game in which one player is inclosed by a circle of others holding a rope.
Coral: (Zo?l.) The hard parts or skeleton of various Anthozoa, and of a few Hydrozoa. Similar structures are also formed by some Bryozoa. Note: The large stony corals for
Correct: To make right to bring to the standard of truth, justice, or propriety to rectify as, to correct manners or principles. This is a defect in the first make of sam
Couvade: A custom, among certain barbarous tribes, that when a woman gives birth to a child her husband takes to his bed, as if ill. The world-wide custom of the couvade,
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