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Bastardy: The state of being a bastard illegitimacy. The procreation of a bastard child. Wharton.
Batten disease
Batten disease: (Medicine) congenital disorder that attacks between the ages of 5 and 10 and causes the infected child to unexpectedly lose vision
Battledoor: An instrument, with a handle and a flat part covered withparchment or crossed with catgut, used to strike a shuttlecock inplay also, the play of battledoor an
Bear down
Bear down: Move forward in a threatening manner (e.g., "The cruise ship bore down on our canoe") use utmost effort and concentration (e.g., "If you really bear down, you
Bearing cloth
Bearing cloth: A cloth with which a child is covered when carried to bebaptized. Shak.
Because: By or for the cause that on this account that for the reasonthat. Milton. In order that that. [Obs.]And the multitude rebuked them because they should hold their
Beddy-bye: Time to go to bed, time for sleep (Childrens Slang)
Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories: Stories told (usually to children) before they go to bed at night
Billycart: (Australian use) handcart, small cart that is pushed or pulled by hand cart comprised of a wooden box set up on a wooden board attached to wheels (used by chi
Biological clock
Biological clock: Amount of time that a person can biologically perform a certain function (such as have children)
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