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Biological father
Biological father: True father of a child, man whose sperm created the child
Biological mother
Biological mother: True mother of a child, woman who gave birth to a child
Birth certificate
Birth certificate: Legal birth document, legal document stating details of a childs birth
Birth pangs
Birth pangs: Labor pains, contractions, regular pains experienced by a woman during childbirth
Blended family
Blended family: Stepfamily, family made-up of a couple and their children from previous marriages, family made up of a parent and a stepparent and at least one stepchild
Blessing: The act of one who blesses. A declaration of divine favor, or an invocation imploring divinefavor on some or something a benediction a wish of happinesspronounc
Blowball: The downy seed head of a dandelion, which children delight toblow away. B. Jonson.
Bobby: A play among children, in which a cherry, hung so as to bobagainst the mouth, is to be caught with the teeth.
Body clock
Body clock: (British) amount of time that a person can biologically perform a certain function (such as have children)
Bogeyman: Bogyman, imaginary person or monster from childrens stories that scares children terrifying person or thing evil spirit
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