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Bratty: Obnoxious, irritating (generally referring to a child)
Breast Feeding
Breast milk
Breast milk: Mothers milk, milk produced by a woman to be fed to her child through the breast
Bugaboo bugbear
Bugaboo bugbear: Something frightful, as a specter anything imaginary thatcauses needless fright something used to excite needless fear also,something really dangerous, u
Bullbeggar: Something used or suggested to produce terror, as in childrenor persons of weak mind a bugbear.And being an ill-looked fellow, he has a pension from the churc
Busybox: Panel or box with games and toys for young children, activity center
By-blow: A side or incidental blow an accidental blow.With their by-blows they did split the very stones in pieces. Bunyan. An illegitimate child a bastard.The Aga speedi
Caesarean caesarian
Caesarean caesarian: Of or pertaining to C?sar or the C?sars imperial. C?sarean section (Surg.), the operation of taking a child from the womb by cutting through the wall
Calash: A light carriage with low wheels, having a top or hood that can be raised or lowered, seats for inside, a separate seat for the driver, and often a movable front,
Calistheneum: A gymnasium esp. one for light physical exercise by women and children.
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