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Discredit: To refuse credence to not to accept as true to disbelieve as, the report is discredited. To deprive of credibility 6. to destroy confidence or trust in 7. to c
Discretive: Marking distinction or separation disjunctive. Discretive proposition (Logic & Gram.), one that expresses distinction, opposition, or variety, by means of dis
Dispatch box
Dispatch box: Box for holding documents case for papers and other items used when traveling
Diving resort
Diving resort: Vacation spot where people go to do undersea diving
Domestic airline
Domestic airline: Airline that provides air travel services within its own country
Domestic tourism
Domestic tourism: Recreational travel of citizens within their own country
Drive away
Drive away: Travel in a car away from the place cause to flee, put to flight, route remove all worries and doubt chase away, force to go away
Dromomania: Travelling fugue, psychological uncontrollable impulse or longing for travel uncontrollable desire to wander
Drummer: One whose office is to best the drum, as in military exercises and marching. One who solicits custom a commercial traveler. [Colloq. U.S.] Bartlett. (Zo?l.) A fi
Dude ranch
Dude ranch: Rural vacation ranch where guests can participate in ranch activities (horseback riding, cattle driving, rodeo, and other outdoor activities)
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