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Go into high gear
Go into high gear: Begin working energetically begin traveling at full speed
Go places
Go places: Tour the world, travel succeed (Slang)
Go to Canossa
Go to Canossa: Feel regret and apologize (as did Emperor Henry IV before the pope at Canossa, Italy in 1077) travel to Canossa
Going: The act of moving in any manner traveling as, the going is bad. Departure. Milton. Pregnancy 6. gestation 7. childbearing. Crew. 8. pl. Course of life 9. behavior
Going down
Going down: Traveling in a downward direction, descending losing value
Gouge: To scoop out with a gouge. To scoop out, as an eye, with the thumb nail to force out the eye of (a person) with the thumb. [K S.] Note: A barbarity mentioned by so
Graith: Furniture apparatus or accouterments for work, traveling, war, etc. [Scot.] Jamieson.
Grand tour
Grand tour: Extensive and usually educational tour extensive travel (originally as part of a wealthy young British mans education)
Green traffic light
Green traffic light: Green light that is one of three signal lights for regulating traffic (green indicates that it is safe to travel forward)
Gripsack: A travelers handbag. [Colloq.]
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