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Guidepost: A post at the fork of a road, with a guideboard on it, to direct travelers.
Handbag: Womans purse, small bag small light traveling bag carried by hand, carryon
Head for
Head for: Move in the direction of, travel in the direction of, go toward
Headed for
Headed for: Moved in the direction of, traveled in the direction of, went toward
Headed toward
Headed toward: Went in the direction of, traveled toward (a destination, purpose, etc.)
Heading toward
Heading toward: Going in the direction of, traveling toward (a destination, purpose, etc.)
Heading west
Heading west: Going toward the west, traveling in a westerly direction
Highroad: A highway a much travele
Highway robbery
Highway robbery: Extremely high price, fee that is irrationally high (Informal) robbery of a traveler carried out on a public highway or road
Hitch hiking
Hitch hiking: Traveling by soliciting rides from passing vehicles
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