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Make time
Make time: Hurry, go quickly travel at a certain speed court, make a romantic approach (Slang)
Man of the world
Man of the world: One who has experienced the world, well-traveled person
Maternity leave
Maternity leave: Vacation given to a woman and her partner during the time immediately preceding and/or following the birth of the child
Means of transport
Means of transport: Method of traveling from place to place (i.e. car, bus, etc.)
Meet and assist
Meet and assist: Service given by airline personnel providing assistance to passengers (children travelling alone or passengers with special needs) with boarding or emba
Mileage: An allowance for traveling expenses at a certain rate per mile. Aggregate length or distance in miles esp., the sum of lengths of tracks or wires of a railroad c
Mileage book
Mileage book: Notebook containing tickets for traveling specific distances
Mileage may vary
Mileage may vary: Total number of miles may change (relates to the distance a vehicle can travel per unit of gasoline)
Mileage ticket
Mileage ticket: Ticket that allows one to travel a specific distance
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