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Baggage master
Baggage master: One who has charge of the baggage at a railway station or upona line of public travel. [U.S.]
Ballistic missile
Ballistic missile: Missile which travels by the force of gravity
Ballistic range
Ballistic range: Distance which a launched projectile can travel
Banff: Town in southwest Alberta (Canada) which is a vacation resort in the Canadian Rockies seaport in Scotland
Beaten path
Beaten path: Path that many have travelled upon way taken by many something done by a lot of people
Bioastronautical: Pertaining to bioastronautics (study of the effects of space travel on living organisms)
Bioastronautics: Study of the effects of space travel on living organisms
Birds of passage
Birds of passage: Birds which migrate, birds which travel with the seasons
Bonus miles
Bonus miles: Awards given by airlines related to the number of miles traveled
Boothose: Stocking hose, or spatterdashes, in lieu of boots. Shak. Hose made to be worn with boots, as by travelers on horseback. SirW. Scott.
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