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Mislead: To lead into a wrong way or path to lead astray to guide into error to cause to mistake to deceive. Trust not servants who mislead or misinform you. Bacon. To gi
Mobile exhibition
Mobile exhibition: Traveling exhibit, exhibit that is being shown in various places
Mobile speed bump
Mobile speed bump: Car traveling at the speed limit in order to slow down the cars behind by causing them to also drive at the speed limit
Motion sickness
Motion Sickness: A condition in which a disagreement exists between visually perceived movement and the vestibular system s sense of movement. Dizziness, fatigue, and n
Mpg: Number of miles that can be travelled for each gallon of gas
Mula: (Canadian & US Slang) money (e.g., "Jim took a lot of mula for his vacation but when he returned, he didnt have as much")
Navigating: Planning and directing the course of a naval vessel or aircraft steering travelling through or over (a body of water, etc.)
Near-legged: Having the feet so near together that they interfere in traveling. Shak.
Night train
Night train: Train which travels by night, train that is installed with sleeping bunks
Night-faring: Going or traveling in the night. Gay.
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