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Roadside: Land adjoining a road or highway the part of a road or highway that borders the traveled part. Also used ajectively.
Roadstead: (Naut.) A clumsy vessel that works its way from one anchorage to another by means of the tides. Ham. Nav. Encyc. A horse that is accustomed to traveling on the
Roadway: A road especially, the part traveled by carriages. Shak.
Roorback roorbach
Roorback roorbach: A defamatory forgery or falsehood published for purposes of political intrigue. [U.S.] Note: The word originated in the election canvass of 1844, when
Rough road
Rough road: Road that is curved and full of pits, road that is dangerous to travel on
Round trip
Round trip: Two-way trip, trip including travel to and from a location
Route: The course or way which is traveled or passed, or is to be passed a passing a course a road or path a march. Wide through the furzy field their route they take. Ga
Roving ambassador
Roving ambassador: Delegate that is not an ambassador in a particular location but rather travels from place to place for political purposes
RV Park
RV Park: Vacation campground where visitors can camp in caravans
Safe-conduct: One who, or that which, defends or protects defense protection. Shak. Thy sword, the safeguard of thy brothers throne. Granwille. A convoy or guard to prote
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