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Sail past
Sail past: Move past, travel by (of a boat or ship) move swiftly past, move by quickly go beyond
Sailing vessel
Sailing vessel: Ship that travels by means of sails that catch wind
Saw the world
Saw the world: Traveled extensively, traveled in many different countries
Scent: That which, issuing from a body, affects the olfactory organs of animals odor smell as, the scent of an orange, or of a rose the scent of musk. With lavish hand di
Scorcher: Very hot day (Slang) person or thing that scorches one who travels at excessive speeds (Slang)
Seaway: Travel route across the sea progress of a ship, distance a ship has traveled
Serai: A palace a seraglio also, in the East, a place for the accommodation of travelers a caravansary, or rest house.
Service area
Service area: Area on a highway that provides facilities for travelers (such as restaurant, toilets and gas station)
Service passport
Service passport: Passport for a person who is traveling abroad on a national delegation
Shakedown cruise
Shakedown cruise: Cruise that is taken to test the mechanical and human systems of a ship and is occasionally made with passengers traveling at a discount price
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