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Both way return
Both way return: Return ticket, ticket with which one can travel to ones destination and then return
Bourn bourne
Bourn bourne: A bound a boundary a limit. Hence: Point aimed at goal.Where the land slopes to its watery bourn. Cowper.The undiscovered country, from whose bourn No trave
Bucketshop: Cheap saloon in the past that sold liquor in buckets unstable and unethical brokerage firm (Bitish Slang) travel agency that sells cheap air tickets
Bumper-to-bumper: Traveling close together, moving slowly with bumpers almost touching (of cars) moving at a very slow speed
Bushwacker: One who cuts paths through jungles or thick forests one who lives or travels in the bush guerilla, outlaw
Bushwhack: Cut paths through jungles or thick forests live or travel in the bush be a guerrilla fighter ambush
Bushwhacker: One accustomed to beat about, or travel through, bushes. [U.S.]They were gallant bushwhackers, and hunters of raccoons by moonlight.W. Irving. A guerrilla a
Bushwhacking: Traveling, or working a way, through bushes pulling by thebushes, as in hauling a boat along the bushy margin of a stream.[U.S.] T. Flint. The crimes or war
Cable car
Cable car: Tram, small car which travels through the air along a cable
Cacolet: A chair, litter, or other contrivance fitted to the back or pack saddle of a mule for carrying travelers in mountainous districts, or for the transportation of t
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