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Commissionnaire: An agent or factor a commission merchant. One of a class of attendants, in some European cities, who perform miscellaneous services for travelers.
Common Carrier
Common Carrier: A company that carries goods or passengers on commonly used routes at an agreed rate. N.America: A company that provides public telecommunication facili
Commute: To travel on a regular basis at distances between two places. (v) To reduce a judicial sentence to a lesser one. Mathematics: exchange positions without a cha
Commuter: One who commutes especially, one who commutes in traveling.
Commuter marriage
Commuter marriage: Marriage between a couple who live apart due to locations of their jobs and who travel regularly to see each other and be together
Commuting: Act of travelling back and forth between home and work
Commuting hours
Commuting hours: Number of hours spent traveling to or from work
Commuting time
Commuting time: Amount of time spent traveling to or from work
Comprehensor: One who comprehends one who has attained to a full knowledge. [Obs.] When I shall have dispatched this weary pilgrimage, and from a traveler shall come to b
Copa Cabana
Copa Cabana: Popular beach and vacation resort in Rio de Janeiro
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