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Day off
Day off: Vacation day, day when one does not have to work (or study, etc.)
Dayhop: Trip that can be made in one day distance that can be traveled within a day day pupil, student who attends a boarding school or university but is not a boarder a
Deep vein thrombosis
Deep vein thrombosis: (Medicine) blood clotting deep within the legs that may occur during long air travel, DVT
Deloul: A special breed of the dromedary used for rapid traveling the swift camel called also herire, and maharik.
Departing passenger
Departing passenger: Traveler that is exiting (a plane, bus, taxi, etc.) after completing a journey
Departure: Division separation putting away. [Obs.] No other remedy . . . but absolute departure. Milton. Separation or removal from a place the act or process of departi
Departure tax
Departure tax: Imposed tax that travelers pay when they leave a country
Did not get far
Did not get far: Did not travel far did not progress much did not succeed
Direct bus
Direct bus: Bus which travels from its starting point to its destination without making stops along the way
Discontinuance: The act of discontinuing, or the state of being discontinued want of continued connection or continuity breaking off cessation interruption 6. as, a disco
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