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Da Vinci
Da Vinci: (1452-1519) Italian painter, sculptor, inventor, engineer, scientist, painter of the "Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper"
Dalton: English chemist and physicist who formulated atomic theory and the law of partial pressures; gave the first description of red-green colour blindness (1766-1844)
Dark Current
Dark Current: This is an electrical current that flows in a photoelectric device when there is no illumination.
Dark Reaction
Dark Reaction: In Biochemistry this is a cycle of reactions that involve the fixation of carbon dioxide and its reduction to carbohydrate, which does not require the pre
Daub: To smear to play the flatterer. His conscience . . . will not daub nor flatter. South.
Dean: A dignitary or presiding officer in certain ecclesiastical and lay bodies esp., an ecclesiastical dignitary, subordinate to a bishop. Dean of cathedral church, the
Decided: Free from ambiguity unequivocal unmistakable unquestionable clear 6. evident 7. as, a decided advantage. "A more decided taste for science." Prescott. 8. Free f
Declension: The act or the state of declining declination descent slope. The declension of the land from that place to the sea. T. Burnet. A falling off towards a worse s
Demonology: A treatise on demons a supposititious science which treats of demons and their manifestations. Sir W. Scott.
Denigration: The act of making black. Boyle. Fig.: A blackening defamation. The vigorous denigration of science. Morley.
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