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A Programming Language
A Programming Language: Computer programming language that was developed in the 1960s and is usually used to generate matrixed data (based on loops instructions, used in
A.I.: Branch of science dealing with simulation and implementation of human intelligence on a computer simulated intelligence
ABEND: "crash" of a computer program, atypical termination of software (Computers)
Abnormal end
Abnormal end: "crash" of a computer program, atypical termination of software, ABEND (Computers)
Abstract Windows Toolkit
Abstract Windows Toolkit: Set of Java program interfaces that provides Java applications with a uniform appearance on all platforms, AWT (Computers)
Accelerated Graphic Port
Accelerated Graphic Port: (Computers) Interface that improves and accelerates the display of 3d graphics, AGP
Access denied
Access denied: (Computers) entry refused (message informing a user that he is not authorized to use or enter a particular program or resource)
Access key
Access key: (Internet, Computers) key which permits the user of a computer to jump right away to a specific section of a webpage using the keyboard
Access number
Access number: (Internet, Computers) telephone number that connects a personal computer to an Internet service provider
Access time
Access time: Period of time it takes a computer to provide data that has been requested
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