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Analogic data
Analogic data: Information entered into a computer in the form of physical quantities (rather than in numerical code)
Anchor text
Anchor text: (Internet, Computers) text which is visible in the hyperlink on which one clicks
Annotation: Comment or explanation added to a text comment or remark added to a computerized document (Computers) additional information about a part or feature of a com
Anonymous Email
Anonymous Email: Electronic mail message that is sent by a third party in order to preserve the secrecy of the senders identity
Anonymouse: Individual who transmits information namelessly due to the concern of outrage or disclosure or revenge
ANSI screen control
ANSI screen control: Standard for the display of textual information on screen by the American National Standards Institute
Answering service
Answering service: Computerized service which answers telephone calls and provides callers with information or services
Anthrobotics: Study and development of human-like robots (Computers)
Anti virus
Anti virus: Computer program designed to detect and repair computer viruses and protect against them
Anti-alias: Smoothing jagged edges on graphic images by using intermediate shades (Computers)
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