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App: (Computers) implementation, utilization program that performs a defined task (like word processors, electronic spreadsheets, graphics programs, etc.)
Appeal to
Appeal to: Make an appeal to request for help or information to
Apple Computer
Apple Computer: Pioneers in the personal computer industry, manufacturer of Macintosh computers
Apple IPod
Apple IPod: Small portable media player designed and marketed by Apple Computer that includes a digital audio player and portable hard drive
Applescript: Object-oriented scripting language which is integrated into the Macintosh operating system and can be used to automate certain tasks (Computers)
Applet: (Computers) small application designed to perform a very specific function small Java application that can be sent to a user from a World Wide Web site and run w
Appletalk: Inexpensive suite of protocol which Apple Computer, Inc. developed for communication between Apple computer products and other computers
Application Foundation Classes
Application Foundation Classes: (Computers) collection of Java class libraries used to build Java-based applications (produced by Microsoft), AFC
Application heap
Application heap: Volume of the memory designated for user applications in Macintosh computers
Application Specific Integrated Circuit
Application Specific Integrated Circuit: Microchip that is customized for use in a particular application (Computers)
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