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Applied Materials
Applied Materials: Large computer company located in California USA (one of the largest suppliers of equipment for manufacturing electronic chips)
Appropriate technology
Appropriate technology: Technology that is eagerly appropriate to the person and society
Aptiva: Series of home computers which feature built-in multimedia and Internet capabilities (produced by IBM)
Architectural Record
Architectural Record: Monthly American magazine for professionals in design and architecture that covers a wide variety of topics (news, technology, trends, etc.)
Archive file
Archive file: Storage file, computer file in which data is stored in compressed form
Arity: Total number of items involved in a particular relationship number of arguments taken by a particular function (Computer Programming) number of arguments taken by
ARJ: (Computers) program for file compression and archiving extension for compressed files created with the ARJ program
Arkanoid: Arkanoid 2000, computer game in which the object of the game is to destroy all the bricks with the ball to complete the round
Arkanoid Doh it Again
Arkanoid Doh it Again: Computer action game manufactured by Taito
Armchair critic
Armchair critic: Person who collects as much information as possible and having no direct experience at all who gives advice
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