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Autocad: Computer program used to create designs and blueprints
Autocorrection: (Computers) system performed by the computer for correcting common spelling errors or converting abbreviations to their full spelling
Autodesk: U.S. software company headquartered in California, developer and producer of programs for use in computer-aided design and engineering (such as AutoCAD)
Autojump: Applet which can be inserted into an HTML document in order to automatically transfer a Web browser to a different address (Computers)
Automated teller machine
Automated teller machine: Computerized bank machine where one can make transactions using a magnetic card
Automated Ticket Boarding pass
Automated Ticket Boarding pass: ATB, electronically produced ticket that includes the boarding pass (term used in the Travel industry)
Automatic backup
Automatic backup: Automatic creating of a back-up file on computer
Automatic data processing
Automatic data processing: Technique for computer processing that requires little human participation, ADP
Automatic Gain Control
Automatic Gain Control: Automatic electronic regulation by recording devices of video and audio signals at a predetermined level (by electronic control), AGC
Automatic link
Automatic link: Link which is updated automatically whenever information is changed
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