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Automatic network switching
Automatic network switching: Switching of a printer on a network composed of different types of computers
Automatic scrolling
Automatic scrolling: (Computers) feature in Microsoft Word that automatically scrolls a document
Automatic teller machine
Automatic teller machine: Cash machine, computerized bank machine where customers can make transactions using a magnetic card
Automatic translation
Automatic translation: MT, translation of text from one language to another performed by a computer
Automotive engineering
Automotive engineering: Automotive technology, designing and constructing cars
Automotive technology
Automotive technology: Automotive engineering, technology of designing and constructing vehicles
Autorepeat: Quality of a keyboard in which a character is continuously produced when a key is pressed and held down (Computers)
Autoresponder: (Computers) program that automatically sends information by email (such as a mailbot)
Autorestart routine
Autorestart routine: Group of commands written into the hardware which the computer performs at startup
Autosave: Quality of an application which automatically saves a working file at timed intervals (Computers)
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