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Auxiliary battery
Auxiliary battery: Small battery in portable computers which supplies an electrical current for several minutes after the removal of the main battery
Avalanche photodiode
Avalanche photodiode: (in semiconductors) photodiode that uses the avalanche effect to increase the strength of a photocurrent signal and enable fast light-controlled sw
AVI file
AVI file: File that stores audio and video data in an alternating pattern (Computers)
Avionic: Of or pertaining to the development of electronics for use in aviation and astronautics
Avnet: American corporation headquartered in Arizona, worldwide supplier and distributor of electronic and computer equipment
Away From Keyboard
Away From Keyboard: I am away from the computer, I will return soon, AFK (Internet chat slang)
AWT: Set of Java program interfaces that makes Java applications have a uniform appearance on all platforms (Computers)
Babbage: Family name Charles Babbage (1792-1871), British mathematician and "the father of computing", inventor of a mathematical computing machine which was the forerun
Babbit: Anti-friction lining for bearings (Technology) alloy of tin with some copper and antimony (Metallurgy) uncultured person, middle class person
Babylon: Ancient city located on the Euphrates River in Asia (former capital of the Babylonian Empire) site and ruins of the ancient city of Babylon located south of mod
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