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Backup file
Backup file: Reserve computer file, duplicate computer file created as a reserve in case of loss of the original
Backup procedure
Backup procedure: Process of copying documents onto another storage medium to protect files against a system malfunction (Computers)
Backup system
Backup system: System which allows data protection and restoration in the event of a computer crash
Backward country
Backward country: Country which is lagging behind (in technology, education, civil rights, etc.)
Backwards compatible
Backwards compatible: Able to work with earlier technology, compatible with earlier versions of hardware or software in a way that requires very few changes to files or
Baker Hughes
Baker Hughes: American petroleum company headquartered in Texas, global supplier of technology and services for the oil and gas industry
Balloon help
Balloon help: Help feature on Macintosh computers in which help messages appear in small balloons when the user places the cursor over a specific item (Computers)
Bandwidth: Range of frequencies within a band maximum rate at which data can be transferred over a communications network (Computers)
Bar-code reader
Bar-code reader: Electronic device which reads codes made up of lines and numbers
Barcode: Machine-readable code comprised of a series of lines that encodes information according to symbology
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