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Barfmail: Electronic mail message that returns many times without ever reaching the destination
Base memory
Base memory: Memory up to 640K in DOS and Windows environments (Computers)
Basement Area Network
Basement Area Network: Local area network established within a private home (Computer Slang), BAN
Basic Input Output System
Basic Input Output System: Program which is permanently in a computers memory and is activated at startup
Basic Operating System
Basic Operating System: Obsolete IBM operating system used on early computers with no disk drives, BOS (Computers)
BASIC programming language
BASIC programming language: Fundamental programming language which uses numbered command lines (Computers)
Batch data processing
Batch data processing: Handling of information by running minor applications on a computer which do not interfere with current work
Baud rate
Baud rate: Transmission rate, speed of the transfer of information measured in bytes per second
Baudot code
Baudot code: Method of representing symbols by means of combinations of bits (Computer)
BBL: (Internet chat slang) Im away from the computer now and will return later
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