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Beowulf: Epic poem dating from the 8th century (oldest extant work written in English) supercomputer comprised of several PCs connected by a LAN and dedicated to high-en
BGP: (Computers) protocol used for exchanging routing information between gateway hosts on large networks (such as the Internet)
Big-endian: Computer that has memory which stores the most important character in a series of characters in the lowest address, method of storage according to descending
Bill Gates
Bill Gates: William Henry Gates III (born 1955), United States computer software designer, chairman and co-founder of Microsoft Inc., one of the worlds richest men
Bill of loading
Bill of loading: Bill of lading, document stating information concerning a shipment of goods
Binaries: (Computers) name for binary files which are transferred in USENET (as opposed to text files)
Binary file
Binary file: (Computers) file which contains data or instructions for a program (as opposed to a text file)
Binary notation
Binary notation: Display or storage of a number in computer memory based on a two digit system
Binary synchronization
Binary synchronization: Type of binary-coded synchronous data communication used primarily in networks based on mainframe computers, BISYNC
Biochip: Electronic chip that uses organic molecules as a semiconductor (currently used in DNA testing and under development for many other applications)
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