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Biotoys: Toys that are based on new biotechnological discoveries (such as toys that imitate living creatures, etc.)
Birds of a feather
Birds of a feather: People who are alike tend to stick together unofficial discussion group that is set up ad hoc to discuss a particular topic or issue (Computers)
BISYNC: Type of binary-coded synchronous data communication used primarily in networks based on mainframe computers
Bit depth
Bit depth: Bits per pixel, total number of bits stored for each pixel in a graphic image (Computers)
Bit stream
Bit stream: Continuous flow of data without separations between characters that is transmitted via a communications channel (Computers)
Bit stuffing
Bit stuffing: (Computers) process of adding extra bits to a data stream before transmission (adjusts data and frames to suit communications protocols - the extra bits ar
Bitmap: Computerized picture in which each pixel is represented by bits or groups of bits
BITNET: Network which links academic institutions worldwide (Computers)
Bits per pixel
Bits per pixel: Bit depth, total number of bits stored for each pixel in a graphic image, BPP (Computers)
BitTorrent: Distribution protocol that makes software distribution possible and enables peer-to-peer sharing of very large files computer program used to upload and down
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