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Bitwise: (Computers) working at the level of single bits (rather than larger data units)
Bloatware: Software containing features that require a large amount of disk space and RAM (Computers)
Bloop: Hit the ball high and in a low arc so it lands a little beyond the infield (Baseball) discharge a short low-pitched sound (of an electronic apparatus) botch, ruin
Blue Bomb
Blue Bomb: Method that allows a user to cause a "crash" in the computer of another user (by sending a improper data packet that an operating system cannot accept)
Blue screen of death
Blue screen of death: (Computers) blue screen which appears on PCs running Microsoft Windows operating system when a serious system error (often a general protection fai
Bluetooth: Open specification for short-range wireless communication between various types of communication devices (such as cellular telephones, pagers, hand-held compu
BNC: Plug and socket connector that is most frequently used with coaxial Ethernet cable (Computers)
Bogomips: (Computers) "bogus MIPS", nonscientific measurement of processing speed performed by the Linux kernel at start-up (a particular busy loop is run, and the runti
Boiler plate
Boiler plate: Thick tin used to make water heaters and ship parts template, document used for basic structure (in a newspaper or magazine) parts of text that are stored
Book of reference
Book of reference: Book containing useful facts or information (dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.)
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