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Boolean search
Boolean search: Information search on a computer based on Boolean logic (using expressions such as OR, AND, NOT, NOR)
Boot diskette
Boot diskette: Diskette which can be used to boot up a computer
Boot sector
Boot sector: First sector on a disk which the computer refers to at startup
Boot sequence
Boot sequence: Order in which the computer searches at startup for a bootable disk or diskette on various drives
Bootable: (Computers) may be started up may be used for startup
Border Gateway Protocol
Border Gateway Protocol: (Computers) protocol used for exchanging routing information between gateway hosts on large networks (such as the Internet), BGP
Borland: Software company that produces development tools used for programming Windows applications (Computers)
Bot herder
Bot herder: Botnet herder, hacker who controls a large number of compromised computers for malevolent intentions
Botnet herder
Botnet herder: Bot herder, hacker who controls a large number of compromised computers for malevolent intentions
Boulez: Pierre Boulez (born 1925), French composer and conductor known for his avant-garde style and use of electronic sounds family name
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