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Actigraph: Small electronic device used to monitor and record a certain activity in a person over a specific period of time (such as heart rate, respiration, body temper
Actimate: Interactive computer-controlled dolls that are capable of talking and reacting to the touch and voice of children (manufactured by Microsoft)
Actiontec Electronics, Inc.
Actiontec Electronics, Inc.: Company that manufactures a series of voice/fax modems for IBM-compatible computers, leader in Broadband Communication and networking device
Activation key
Activation key: (Computers and Internet) series of numbers and letters put in a .KEY file enabling a person to complete the installation of a license for a product purch
Active Channel
Active Channel: Internet data channel used for receiving updated information transmissions through Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE)
Active content
Active content: Information on a website that is updated or changes regularly (i.e. as new information is received or in response to user operations
Active Desktop
Active Desktop: Option to display components of Internet sites directly on a personal computer (such as HTML and JAVA APPLET items)
Active star
Active star: Computer network architecture in which information arrives to a central junction and is transferred from there to the destination computer
Activex: Applications environment by Microsoft that includes a large number of independent programs (components) that operate and link different applications in a comput
ActiveX controls
ActiveX controls: Programs which are run from the Internet and enable a person to access computers in other places over the Internet (Computers)
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