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ActiveX Data Object
ActiveX Data Object: Microsoft interface that provides a fast and universal method for accessing different types of databases (Computers)
AcuCobol-GT: Suite of development tools that expand the capabilities of computer programs written in COBOL (produced by Acucorp)
Adaptec: American corporation headquartered in California, manufacturer of hardware and software products for high-speed data communications and networking (Computers)
ADC: Device which converts analog signals into digital signals (Computers, Telecommunications)
Add on
Add on: Addition, supplement, something added on (Computers) component added to a computer in order to improve performance accessory, thing added as an extra to another
Add on card
Add on card: Electronic card inserted in a special slot in a computer and provides it with improved capability
Address book
Address book: Notebook where a person keeps names and addresses (Computers) list of electronic mail addresses
Admin.: Manager, director one who manages a computer system (Computers)
Administrator: Manager, director one who is in charge of managing a computer system (Computers) program which regulates system management in Windows environment (Compute
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Systems Incorporated: Large software company (headquartered in California) that produces sophisticated graphics and desktop publishing programs for use with person
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